Time: 27th -29th November 2020

Designer: 100,000+

Location: Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center

Scale: 50,000㎡

Qilu International Design Week 2020 (QLIDW) is hosted by China Building Decoration Association(CBDA), organized by Academic and Education Committee of CBDA, Qilu Design Week Organizing Committee, Shandong Dida Culture Group Co., Ltd. and Link Expo Corp., Ltd.

As the capital of Shandong province, Jinan is one of China’s megalopolises and deputy provincial cities. It’s the political, economic, scientific, educational and cultural center of Shandong province. Jinan is included in the national famous historical and cultural city list released by the State Council.

Relying on four major sections of special exhibitions, awards and events, forum activities, and Qilu Culture tourism, the design week integrates four elements of “Chinese elements + exclusive design + innovation + fashion”, gathers top design resources, brand enterprises and industry elites at home and abroad, and strives to build an exhibition platform and exchange level between Chinese and foreign design industries. The show will attract hundreds of domestic and foreign industry big names and more than 100,000 high-end designers to attend the show, aiming to provide you the best information about furniture pieces, architecture, interior design projects, design boutiques, China culture events and fill the void for an informed, analytical and opinionated point of a view on the culture design world.

The show will become the one-stop platform for sourcing culture design materials and supplies to the world.

1. 10+ events

The exhibition will contact more than ten international and domestic competitions, display their essence in the form of tour lectures, forums, on-site competitions, and exhibition of award-winning works.


Nest Award


China International Space Design Competition

Jintang Award

Creative Life Design Award

Niceliving Awards

Art Display Crystal Kylin Awards

China Interior Design Awards



2. 5+forums

The Exhibition will set up multiple forum areas, with five theme forums as the core to create diversified theme forums:

Traditional Culture and Design

Intercity Exchanges at Home and Abroad

Ecological Pension, B&B, Agritourism

Future Development of Intelligence and Technology

Professional Forum for Architectural Interior Designers

3. Exclusive Design Product Release:

New Chinese Style Furniture

Whole House Customization

Smart Home  

Lighting Art  

Building Interiors and Finishes  

Household Soft Outfit

4. Qilu Culture Tourism:

Qufu(Confucius)---Mount Tai---Jinan(Spring City)

In order to increase the in-depth understanding of the places of interest in Shandong, a 3-day tour to Qilu will be organized. The study tour route: Qufu(Confucius)-Mount Tai-Jinan(Spring City). To show the charm of Qilu culture, profound history and profoundness of the Chinese culture to the whole country, even to the whole world.

Specially invited designer group can join in the cultural tourism trip for free. At the same time, the top 50 exhibitors in the “Favorite Design Booth” , have the opportunity to get two persons free for the trip, and other exhibitors can enjoy a half-price discount.

Top four reasons to exhibit at QLIDW

Enter new markets

Gain direct access to the key stakeholders involved in the region’s upcoming plans and budget allocations.

Build your brand

Position your brand in front of 100,000+ designer and establish your name as an industry leader.

Generate qualified leads

Showcase your products and solutions to a captive audience of active buyers who are on the lookout for the latest innovations.

Network with stakeholders

Experience the power of face-to-face networking to forge strong relationships with the most influential industry players. And meet thousands of buyers and decision makers from the design industry.


Affected by covid-19, design works from abroad are warmly welcome to the show and letters of authorization will be needed. These works will be display on the show. Designers who are living in China can attend the show and accommodations during the show will be paid by the organizing committee.

Methods for overseas designers participate in the show

1) Designers who are living in China can attend the show and accommodations during the show will be paid by the organizer.

2) Designers’ works can be presented on the show. After gain the authorization letters, the organizer can be responsible for printing their works and placing it in the booth; It can also be presented in electronic format.

Benefits overseas designers can get from the show

1) Sino-foreign cultural exchange, platform for 50,000+ designers from home and abroad.

2) Designers promotion.

They can participate in the competition and have chances to gain the Awards. Such as Idea-Tops, Nest Award, I-Ding, China International Space Design Competition, Jintang Award, Creative Life Design Award, Niceliving Awards etc.

The show also includes 5+ design forums, the participation of decoration associations of various provinces and cities in China and the design masters of the well-known Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. In order to increase exposure and brand promotion, it has comprehensive publicity on Chinese national level, provincial and municipal media.

3) Design products promotion.

Based on China’s huge consumer market, it’s a good chance to promote these design products, such as products of whole house customization, smart home, lighting, building interiors and finishes, household soft outfit. It will attract 100,000 + visitors. The show will become the one-stop platform for sourcing culture design materials and supplies to the world.

4) City promotion.

Design can reflect the image of a country or region. It is possible to specially set up city promotion conferences to attract investment and tourism. City promotional videos and speeches are also included in the conferences.